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My name is Shannon McIntyre. I have 22 years of teacher-certified experience in curriculum planning, tutoring, and homeschooling. My goal is to fully support parents and students in their individual learning environments.

There is no “drag-and-drop” with what I do. I learn what your goals are, and support in a streamlined way. You will always interact with a person who knows and cares about your family.

I believe that personalized learning opportunities support a child’s academic and social growth, and why most families homeschool. Generic homeschool planning programs show progress, but gaps can begin to develop.

My goal is to save you time. This will allow you to refocus on the subjects and areas you included in your original homeschooling plan.

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Individualized Homeschool Program support is created with , and tailored to your child’s interests. Instead of scraping the surface, you and your child receive full input. Monthly personal interviews will assist with the development of plans and lead to excitement and interest in your child’s learning.

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1-1 Online Tutoring and 1-1 In-Person Tutoring are specifically tailored to your child’s needs. These services include an initial evaluation, a clear learning plan, and regular updates on your child’s progress. Teacher communication is included at your request.

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In-Person Classes focus on ELA, Math, STEM and Art. Classes welcome students from 4-12 years old. Each 90 minute class includes additional learning materials to build and assist your homeschool program. Class sizes are limited to 4 students for personalized attention. Reservations are recommended.

“The individualized attention is unmatched.”

— Angela Brust-Bologun, Parent of a 7 and a 10 year old

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