Homeschool Education Partner

What Can A Homeschool Education Partner Do For You?

education partner
  • Answer any education questions you might have, considering your family’s needs
  • Help designing a full-scope, personalized curriculum that is engaging
  • Help transitioning from schooling to homeschooling in a way that makes your family feel comfortable
  • Support with homeschool paperwork, attendance, and assessments
  • 1-1 Tutoring, 2 hours per week, to help close learning gaps
  • Offer support for students with special needs including gifted students

A Homeschool Education Partner does this and more!

Are you interested in a Homeschool Education Partner to support you with our homeschool journey? Are you eager to individualize your teaching instead of solely using bookwork? Would you like support with planning, execution, or developing exciting lessons without the added expense of a consultant?

Let us take the legwork out of planning and developing the lessons you want your child to receive. We promise to support your requests!

The Homeschool Education Partner Package costs $300 per month and includes

  • 1 child in 1 family (+$50 for each additional child)
  • 8 hours of online tutoring/guidance/consulting per month
  • Approximately 75-90 hours of material per month to ensure a 920-hour per year quota is met.
  • Interest-Based Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies, Character Education with Projects, as well as Parent Guidance online and offline ways to meet grade-level standards and expectations
  • Includes quarterly and yearly paperwork, attendance monitoring, and district-level communication

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Recommended Homeschooling Hourly Requirements

Get your family off the ground homeschooling with confidence, change up your homeschooling routine, free-up time to do more aspects of homeschool you love, prepare for a transition to high school, college, or back to school. Click below to learn how!