Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring: 1 to 1 Online Subject-Based Tutoring: Grades K-8 (9-12 at parent request)

Online learning with Focus Online LLC is cost effective, personalized, and addresses specific areas of concern. This includes subjects such as ELA or Math, as well as skills such as writing and organization. Tutoring can include a diagnosed special need such as ADHD, as well.

  • The goal of subject-based online learning is to offer as much support as possible, in the shortest amount of time. Students should feel comfortable, safe, and learn the necessary skills to be independent learners.

Whether your child is homeschooling or while attending in-person school, supplementing specific areas will support targeted learning and skyrocket growth! A certified teachers can identify and fill identified gaps, offer planning advice and support you in moving your child into their next level of education. Click here to learn more!

Focus Online LLC holds a pledge to actively work for your child’s educational independence. Contracts are not meant to lock parents in for long-term, unaffordable options. Flexibility, mutual respect, and the common goal of supporting your child’s success, create a working relationship that has benefited 50+ families in Buffalo, New York State, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and even around the world!

Unsure of which tutoring or homeschool learning plan fits your family’s needs? Explore below or schedule a free consultation!

Online Learning and  tutoring

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