Free 30 Minute Consultation: Tutoring and Homeschooling

Schedule a free 30 Minute Consultation for tutoring or homeschooling support on the phone or online. The objective for this meeting is to offer support, offer suggestions, and answer questions. The result will be an opportunity for you to work with someone who understands public and private school environments, tutoring needs, homeschool, and homeschool law. The free consultation promises to be 30 minutes of support where a consultant works to meet your needs.

During this time you can choose to have your child assessed academically for free. Additionally, you can take advantage of free educational advice about tutoring, distance learning, homeschooling, and other educational options.

To ensure that parents feel fully heard, a basic learning plan for support can be created for free if you decide to use any tutoring services. Additionally, general homeschooling overview plans can be created for parents to execute for $40. This includes monthly topics and core subject suggestions. Both plans include support options for students with special needs and those who have exceptional circumstances.

Most importantly, if you are struggling please reach out. Parents should feel confident in supporting their child’s education, and that feeling goes far beyond a dollar value. I am here to help with 1-1 tutoring support, parenting tips, special needs support, homeschool curriculum support, homeschool tutoring, and anything else you might have questions about!

Feel free to email [email protected] or call 716-436-8099 with further questions even after the free 30 Minute Consultation

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