Top 5 Online Field Trips

Online Field Trips have become an essential component of modern schooling.

Parents and teachers often present online fieldtrips as a simple and easy way for students to view something different on a screen. When presented properly, online field trips can be educational, interesting, and add layers of understanding to an already effective unit.

Here are the 5 Online Field Trips we found effective for a variety of units we have created:

Typically, an educator or parent would ensure the field trip is effective by meeting the following criteria:

The problem is that, when the field trips are placed online, children often view them as a video game or a movie. A lot of the potential-learning becomes overshadowed by the child’s desire for something interactive.

The solution is to not stop at searching for the ideal website or webpage, then giving it to the child. Instead…

Field Trip Guiding Sheets are an easy way to create the opportunity for interactive learning. Guiding Sheets increase the value of an online field trip, as well. Here are some examples:

Though these sheets are only a jumping off place, we hope you are able to get some ideas for thought-provoking questions that can add value to your (Top 5) online field trips. If you are interested in more information about how we can create engaging lessons for your child, create subject-based field trips, or add further value to lessons you have already selected, please contact us for more information: +1(518)380-6917‬.