Woodworking Workshop: Free Online Course

Woodworking Workshop: Craft A Shelving Unit

Stonestreet Carpentry Co

Toronto based woodworking and carpentry company. The students will build a 3-Tiered Shelf in this woodworking workshop, as well as learn about woodworking as a trade.

Focus Online LLC

After each lesson, parents receive an extension activity to help with understanding. Therefore, the learning experience will expand student’s understanding of trades including carpentry and woodworking, the practical application of STEM skills.

The Chairmaker’s Toolbox

The field of green woodworking and chair making can feel small at times, it is in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be. As traditional woodworking techniques are eliminated from mainstream furniture production, both educational opportunities and the necessary tools have become harder to access. Communities of underrepresented craftspeople can feel isolated and pushed out, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The Chairmaker’s Toolbox has a twofold mission. First, the barriers to education and community have to be taken down to build the future of green woodworking. Second, the shortage of chairmaking tools has to be addressed – we need more high quality tools to support a growing community of makers.

Let’s build something great together.


Let’s build something great together.