We promise To offer An Evidence-Based and Flexible Curriculum that changes based on your request and your child’s interests. We vow to use Systematic, Project-Based Learning With Collaborative Problem Solving to maintain your child’s attention and challenge them every step of the way.

At Focus Online, evidence believe that the most productive members of society are lifelong learners who have acquired a love of learning, as well as a drive to understand the world around them.  By systematically delivering necessary information in a thematic, problem-solving format students acquire necessary life-skills through active participation. Our highly qualified staff are trained to support parents in delivering the curriculum. We are willing to identify students’ individual strengths, as well as areas of growth at parents’ request.   Parents receive suggested questions, discovery-based activities, and resources that can support students in reaching their highest potential. Our curriculum uses Common Core Standards, as well as other international standards including the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. We believe all students deserve to follow their dreams wherever their feet land!   

An Evidence-Based Curriculum