We promise to use more than a computer and lectures. We vow to develop students’ creativity through Interactive Projects that combine multiple subjects and therefore help to imbed knowledge being taught. We vow to use Systematic Questioning, Student and Parent Reflection, and Open Communication to meet your needs effectively.

Focus Online recognizes that research-based practice is the backbone of education, but home-school parents desire flexibility.  Our curriculum is built to specifically address Bloom’s Taxonomy while offering flexibility for parents to deliver information as they see fit. Embedded questioning strategies encourage students to draw their own conclusions, and therefore retain information while affording parents flexibility to present information in the way they want. Additionally, students using our curriculum are encouraged to speak and write in complete sentences to increase their confidence.  During optional live webinars, educators focus on the correct amount of wait-time so students can gather a full thought, as well. Students are also encouraged to respectfully exchange thoughts and feelings in a way that solves problems in optional online forums, as well as during live webinars. As an added bonus, we also offers an optional 10 minutes block of “quiet time” per week to practice guided meditation after each lesson.