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Tutoring in 2023 is very different from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources now consider students with special needs, 1-1 tutoring, and group tutoring situations. Effective online tutoring incorporates books, support websites like Khan Academy, and interactive games that the tutor and student can engage in together. At the onset of the pandemic, parents witnessed teachers transferring their in-person lessons online. The result was a rather bumpy ride that left some students disengaged from learning.

The opposite of “disengaged” is “engaged,” right? This clearly indicates that lessons and learning support should be more engaging for students!

Some might ask, “Why is it so important for online tutoring to be interactive and engaging? Why not simply demand that students learn?” Some researchers suggest that the increase in technology has led to decreased attention spans among students. Therefore, educators are strongly encouraged to find more creative ways to meet students’ needs. Others believe that students in 2023 spend limited time outdoors and require an outlet that can be obtained through online activities.

Regardless of the reason, companies like Focus Online LLC have responded by introducing affordable, practical online tutoring sessions. Planning for these highly interactive and targeted sessions constitutes a significant part of the personalized approach with which students thrive. This service includes a free assessment, a learning plan, and an initial tutoring session for $35. Subsequent sessions are priced at $35 per hour. Finally, each session can be divided to accommodate the student’s needs, including two half-hour sessions or three twenty-minute sessions.

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