About Us:

  • 100% Personalized, Creative, Innovative, and Also Evidence-Based Materials! We combine all subjects and incorporate interests to streamline learning and make it more interesting for your child.
  • Live Webinars, Targeted Tutoring, and Online Field Trips with Certified Teachers! We are highly-qualified and we are able to adjust lessons to meet students’ wants and needs immediately.
  • Reflective Practices for Growth and Change to Support You and Your Children! We reflect with you to make sure you and your child are receiving what you want and need.

Our Tutors:

  • all have Master’s Degrees in Education!
  • have at least 5 years of teaching experience AND curriculum development experience!
  • have at least one certification! 4 of 5 tutors are certified to teach school-age children AND special education.

We can easily connect you with a tutor who has the specialty you need.

Our Mission:

The mission of Focus Online LLC is to empower parents to support students’ homeschooling social-emotional and educational growth by introducing an affordable, personalized, creative, innovative, and evidence-based curriculum.     

Our Vision:

The vision of Focus Online LLC is to differentiate social and academic learning opportunities so as to accept and include all children, regardless of their personal skill-levels and abilities.  Our belief is that students learn best in a nurturing, interest-based and systematic environment that includes and encourages questioning, as well as innovative thinking. We will ensure all parents receive individualized academic and social-emotional support for their children by using the most current online and offline methods of learning.

Our Tools:

Our tools depend on your wants and needs. We have access to Zoom, Google Classroom, as well as Google Hangouts for our tutoring sessions. We deliver material via video, but also through discovery-based projects. Additionally, we use programs such as Raz-Kids free of charge. We incorporate parent and student interests and goals every step of the way. Specifically, we adjust our curriculum and materials weekly to support optimal learning. As an added bonus, lessons are available for printing, therefore, students can work online or offline at any point. Lastly, we make sure goals stretch across every piece of the curriculum. This ensures your child will retain what they are learning.The choice is yours, and that is what makes us the only homeschool support you need!

Additional Support:
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