Our Mission:

The mission of Focus Online LLC is to empower parents to support students’ homeschooling social-emotional and educational growth by introducing an affordable, cutting-edge, systematic, as well as a discovery-based curriculum.   

Our Vision:

The vision of Focus Online LLC is to differentiate social and academic learning opportunities so as to accept and include all children, regardless of their personal skill-levels and abilities.  Our belief is that students learn best in a nurturing, interest-based and systematic environment that includes and encourages questioning, as well as innovative thinking. We will ensure all parents receive individualized academic and social-emotional support for their children by using transformational leadership, reflective practices, and also research-based materials that fully supports at-home learning.

Our Tools:

We use Zoom, Google Classroom, as well as Google Hangouts. Additionally, we incorporate programs like Jamboard to offer students the most interactive and captivating experience online. We strongly believe in offering parents and students a flexible learning environment. Moreover, almost every lesson is available for printing, therefore students can work online or offline at any point. Additionally, we subsequently use blah blah. Finally, we always use blah blah.

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