Testimonials come in many ways for Focus Online, LLC! Our students love that curriculum materials are selected specifically for them! Our parents love that we offer support anytime and monitor paperwork, attendance, and curriculum selection. We guarentee an enjoyable homeschool experience!

FFirstly, our goal is to make sure parents feel comfortable with homeschooling. Testimonials are iimportant to that process. We home that parents are engged, of course. WThirdly, we hope to make sure that parents feel confident when selecting our services. Tutoring is always an option, but unfortunately it costs many parents too much money. We love children, of course. La It is important to make sure that parents understand why they are homeschooling. We, of course, make sure to set aside time to support our parents. WAlso, we make sure that students feel confident. Lastly, we always make sure that our services are affordable, while being engaging.

Highly Recommended

Ms. Shannon has been amazing! Walking us through the homeschool process and customizing each of my daughter’s assignments to how she learns best. My daughter is using multiple resources to learn each subject and getting the customized 1:1 she needs to be successful!! I would highly recommend this to anyone considering homeschooling!! -Grade 4 Parent

Exceptional Support

I didn’t realize how much help our family was going to receive when working with Focus Online LLC.   My husband and I now know our son is above grade-level, not just assume it.  Thank you for your exceptional support so far, and especially for answering questions far out of the scope of your program. -Grade 3 parent

Talented Teacher

“I believe Shannon is a very talented teacher.  Shannon is organized and very supportive of the children and parents.  I believe she will be a tremendous asset to homeschool parents.” -Grade 1 parent

Building Confidence

“My daughter has a more worldly view now.  (She) is more confident in school.  I am grateful for her time in Ms. McIntyre’s class.” – Grade 1 parent

Shannon Is Wonderful

“Shannon is a wonderful educator.  She supported my son in learning to speak English and also improving his vocabulary.” Grade 3 parent

Prices Are Great

“The prices are very reasonable for what I have received so far.  Focus Online, LLC has helped me create the necessary state paperwork easily.  My son enjoys the conversations online and I am grateful the curriculum is individualized to his needs.” -Grade 4 parent

Our parents support us 100% of the way! They are always willing to give testimonials.
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